Patrice Reynolds

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Wrapped in Hope

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"A real page turner , written with a keen awareness of
and deep feeling for the natural environment"
- Eanna Ni Lamhna

Tear-driven through the snow, Liz faces her darkest hour as the blizzards of her life close in. Two random events, a chance encounter with a ten year old girl, and mysterious pages with words of wisdom, convince her that there is more to life; they spark a life altering decision.

Creative passion, romantic tension and tumultuous excitement battle with a turmoil of doubts and fears from her past as she dares reach for her dream.

"Wrapped in Hope" is a story of hope and transformation, of overcoming the challenges of life, of trusting more profoundly than you could ever imagine that there is a bigger and better plan for you, until you find the strength to lose all fears and ultimately be the making of your own life.

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Inside Out

Inside Out cover

If you want to experience stillness breathing inside out, then turn the pages and Feel it!

Sink into a book filled with captured photographic moments, quotes and poems that draw you into the stillness of life - its very essence. Artists will find this book a source of inspiration.

Turn a day around with a gift book that is both healing and inspirational.

€1 from the sale of each book "Inside Out' goes to the Jack and Jill childrens foundation charity.

Download a sample chapter - pdf (224kb)