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About Me

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Patrice has been lucky in that her passion for creativity has also been her work. Growing up on a farm on the outskirts of Ardee, Co Louth she was constantly working, her imagination playing a major part, from painting murals and Christmas scenes commercially to running her own successful business as an interior architect for 15 years. Much as she loved this time she always felt like something was missing and it was her writing. From her very young years when she received her first big book from Santa "Little Women" she adored the idea of writing and reaching into the depths of her imagination.

She spent much of her childhood years playing in Hatchets castle in the middle of Ardee with one of her very dear friends who lived there. This was like living in a piece of magic, with its five storeys of winding stairs, a secret passage that once led to an old graveyard and high ceilinged rooms - who couldn't but find their imagination running away with them.

Patrice loves the simple things in life like a walk in the autumn, kicking and crunching the fallen leaves with her feet, sitting by an open fire with a cup of hot chocolate soaking up conversation, or a picnic in a field on a summer's day. Nature inspires her in every way and this is portrayed in her writing and photography. Her studies of herbal medicine in recent years further expanded her deep understanding and love of nature.

Patrice now lives with her husband Michael and two children Alan and Patrick, just five miles from where she grew up, in the townland of Stabannon, Castlebellingham.

Patrice has just launched her first novel "Wrapped in Hope" a story which inspires you to take that leap in life and not shy away from the full experience of who you are.

Her second book "Inside Out" shares moments of inspiration through her photography combined with quotes and poems from the novel "Wrapped in Hope". It is a book to reflect on, with images that draw you in to the essence of nature. The photographs used in "Inside Out" have also proved to be an inspiration for artists.